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When Does Putin’s Russia March Off to War?
Understanding Competition: Great Power Rivalry in a Changing International Order
China’s Emergence as a Power in the Mediterranean: Port Diplomacy and Active Engagement
The Iran Nuclear Deal and Sanctions Relief: Implications for US Policy
Gulf Security after 2011: A Threat Analysis
NATO's "Global Partners" in Asia: Shifting Strategic Narratives
Markets or Mercantilism? How China Secures Its Energy Supplies
Advancing cyber diplomacy in the Asia Pacific: Japan and Australia
Arctic Militarization and Russian Military Theory
Russia's Syria War: A Strategic Trap?
Are they reading Schelling in Beijing? The dimensions, drivers, and risks of nuclear-conventional entanglement in China
Jihad & Co.: black markets and Islamist power
Jihad in the Bastion of "Moderation": Understanding the Threat of ISIS in Malyasia
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